person:wow you drink so much water, you're so healthy!!
me:i cry so much i gotta stay hydrated
Is it September already?



Happy September everyone!

Since I’m no longer doing free readings, I’ve decided to pull one card for the first 20 people who reblog and comment on this post. I’d like to try this out and continue on the first of each month.

All you have to write is, “Yes, please!” or something similar. There’s no need to share what you need guidance for. You’re more than welcome to but it’s not necessary. Please be patient as I respond with the message from your card.

Have a wonderful month!

Channeling Aaliyah Haughton’s Spirit


© Copyrighted and Published (via Tumblr) on August 25, 2014


I was having a normal Monday evening on what happened to be the 13th anniversary of Aaliyah Haughton’s death. I try not to harp on the anniversary date of her death each year, because as one of her biggest fans and someone who feels a deep connection to her, it still brings sorrow to my heart.

I was checking my email when all of a sudden, I felt goosebumps and heard a soft and calm voice state, “Aaliyah has something to say.”  

I immediately prayed to Archangel Michael, Archangel Azreal and my guardian angels and asked them to help me channel Aaliyah’s spirit clearly. I quickly noted what I began to feel, see and hear.

Aaliyah began showing me a vibrant red-orange color. 

"I want people to be happy and enjoy life. I wish my mother could be happy. I want people to know life is what you make it." She then showed me an image symbolizing taking life by the horns.

"The red-orange color represents a love and zest for life and just enjoying every moment of every day. That is my wish for everyone. No matter what your path is in life, please enjoy each moment. Life is not what it seems. It’s not a cold, lonely world. It can be a happy warm and loving place if you allow yourself to experience that. Let go and be you," she said.

"Do you have any messages from your fans?" I asked.

"I love you all more than you could ever know or feel. I feel the love you have for me and I multiply it and give it back to you." (She shows me an image of spreading love across the world.)

"I was put on earth to show you what a love of life and pure sincerity can bring you. Everything will come in alignment for you if you do your best to be positive and loving at all times. Do everything out of love. This was something that came easy for me but for many people it is not."

Now she shows me herself as she is currently. She is beautiful, with long black hair and 3 flowers above one ear. The area she’s in smells lush, sweet and tropical. Everything in her environment is radiant and vibrant. I see a glittering ocean behind her and feel a warm and gentle breeze. She wants to remind everyone not to stress and to flow with life. She loved to dance and it helped her free her mind and reach other dimensions, something she couldn’t quite put into words when she was living.

She says, “Find what makes you happy and stick to it. Stick to it when times get rough and even when times are good - this will make those times even better.” She tells me that she feels the heaviness of society today. Our country is going through a lot and she wants people to know they can do their part to change things if they start with shifting their perception.

"Choose to believe the best about people. See the angel within them. If you feel someone isn’t good for you, distance yourself and focus your mind and energy on something that makes you feel good." 

She says, “The world isn’t perfect but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you choose to see the beauty in life, life will reveal its beauty to you tenfold.

© Copyrighted and Published (via Tumblr) on August 25, 2014

(Source: card-readings)

"Does running away from your problems count as cardio?"

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